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[movie] Frozen

Frozen movie posterI'm not fond of seeing movies in theaters on opening weekend. It's always so crowded. :[ But my sister really wanted to see this, so I was dragged along with the family to see this on Thanksgiving weekend. It was packed with people let me tell ya.


It was good, but I wasn't impressed.


I liked how it was about sisters. I admit that I was surprised and glad how the true act of love

was Anna sacrificing her life for her sister instead of kissing her true love.

(show spoiler)


I couldn't warm up to the characters.


Anna's awkwardness is sometimes played up too much. Like in that scene where Anna first meets Prince Hans... I didn't find it funny or endearing.


The snowman didn't seem necessary to me. Luckily he wasn't annoying, and he was somewhat important in the story, but I think with better writing, the story could have been done without him. The reindeer as a comedic sidekick was enough.


The trolls were weird and didn't seem to fit in. They were too cutesy.


Only character I was interested in was Elsa. I wished the focus was more on her, but instead you get her sister, Anna, who is the typical, feisty heroine. Elsa had so much potential to be something more. She's not a princess but a queen, a queen with ice powers! The spotlight should have been on her and how she handles her gift/curse.


Even though Frozen presented sisterly love, it didn't go into depth about Elsa and Anna's relationship. It was simplistic. They didn't even spend that much onscreen time together. I was expecting more.


As a whole, I found the story incredibly formulaic. It seemed like Disney wanted to play it safe with this movie.


Music wasn't that memorable. Only song I can remember is "Let It Go." Some of the songs like the snowman's and the trolls' were pointless and not integral.


The animation was flawless.


Rating: 3 out of 5

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