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[mystery] The Cat Who Robbed a Bank by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Robbed a Bank - Lilian Jackson Braun

Cat Who Book 22


Muuuuch better than the The Cat Who Saw Stars. That one was a struggle to get through. This one not at all.


The big thing I liked: we get to learn about Qwill's parents. Qwill's mom has been mentioned over and over again so it was nice to finally know more about her. Oh god, I just realized that the title

probably refers to Qwill's dad. (I can't recall any other bank robbing in the novel. The jewel heist was the big crime in this episode, and that doesn't fit in with the title.) Qwill's dad died when he was trying to rob a bank. It was so sad, because he was doing it because he was depressed and was desperate to be a provider for his family. :(

(show spoiler)


I wonder if this Nightingale character will become important later on. He's Polly's new neighbor, and something seems fishy about him.


Barry Morghan, the new manager of the hotel, was an amusing character. It was funny how often he likes to say "Great!"


The Highland Games were very fun.


The mystery is nothing special and was really straightforward. No twists or surprises.


I feel like these books aren't mysteries anymore. Qwill doesn't actively set out to solve the case. The information comes to him from other people who want to talk to him for one reason or another. I'm mainly still reading this series for the characters and the small town life.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Source: I bought it a long, long time ago. I think from a Borders bookstore. I miss you Borders.