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Game for Love by Bella Andre

Game for Love - Bella Andre

Bad Boys of Football Book 3


I was craving for a sports romance with a football player, because football season is underway. (Go Niners and Broncos! Woo!) I chose this novel, because it was the first available football romance book I came across that I could borrow. (Sometimes I just grab and go for it.)


*sighs* It turns out that I didn't like this one. I found it incredibly shallow and cliche.


The first chapter was actually pretty good. I liked the idea of Cole trying to fulfill his grandma's last wish: to see him fall in love and get married. It's an unrealistic thing for Cole to accomplish on such short notice, but I was game for it. I wanted to see a bad boy linebacker find his sweetheart. I thought it was going to be cute.


Well... it turns out like this. Cole sees Anna at a Las Vegas nightclub. He's attracted to her basically because she's beautiful and seems like a good girl that his grandma will like. He asks her to marry him. Anna agrees, because she wants to do something crazy since she feels like the boring person in her family and on top of that all her sisters are married. They leave the club and get married at a Vegas wedding chapel. Then it's just sex, sex, and more sex.


Cole keeps repeating over and over how Anna is sweet and innocent and a good girl. I found that annoying especially since he mentions how she's not like those other girls he's slept with, because those other girls are bad girls.


There's not much football involved. It's mostly in the background. It only really comes up near the end when Cole gets hurt during a game.


Sam Bradford, quarterback of the St. Louis Rams, shaking his head in disbelief. Illustrates how I feel about this book.This book pretty much left me shaking my head.


I couldn't get into it. I didn't get attached to any of the characters. There was no depth to them, and their relationship was hugely based on them wanting to bone each other.


Last thing. This didn't have an affect on my rating, but I want to make note of it. I'm particular about reading a series in order. On Goodreads and the author's site it says this is book #1, but apparently everywhere else says it's book #3. >.> Er, ok. I was confused, but I thought I would take the word on the author's site that this is the first book for whatever reason.


Luckily Game for Love can be read as a stand alone, but when I read it, I could clearly tell who the other two couples were that the other books must have covered. They were the only two football players who were introduced along with their wives.


Rating: 1 out 5

Source: Borrowed it


Other sport romances with football players I have read:

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No luck so far for me. I'm honestly not trying to be picky here.... >.>