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Duke Most Wanted by Celeste Bradley + series review

Duke Most Wanted - Celeste Bradley

Book 3 of Heiress Brides


Well... I certainly liked the first half. It was nice to see Sophie just go for it. She went after her man and didn't sit by and wait for him. That's why I posted this quote:


"So go get him.

She would if she could--

Have you actually tried?

She stopped, her fingertips going to her lips in surprise. She hadn't tried, had she? Here she was, all dressed up and waiting for her prince to notice, instead of slapping him a good one and dragging him down for a kiss that would make him forget every other woman he'd ever known!"


I liked how Graham took his new responsibility as duke seriously. He took it head on even though he was left with so much debt.


For me, the precise moment the book lost me was when Sophie slips in the narration

that she's not actually Sophie. Her real name is Sadie. The real Sophie died a long time ago. Sadie is posing as her so she could have a chance of finding a better life.

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Huh? That sort of came out of nowhere.

 duke most wanted stepback cover

It took me a while to get used to that fact, and it almost brought down the book for me. Almost. I think what saved it was how there was a theme of people not being who they appear to be. Fortescue for instance

reveals that he is not an Englishman, but Irish. He had to cover up his Irishness, accent and all, in order to get a job.

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Speaking of Fortescue, I was glad to see his story wrapped up too since his crush on the maid was a subplot in all three books. He has a happy ending, but I wish it wasn't so rushed. I wanted to see more of him.


The ending for Sophie and Graham was also good. I liked how she

ended up winning the inheritance. It turned out that Sophie's mother took Sadie from the orphanage, because she was planning to pass Sadie off as Sophie to try to win the fortune after Sophie died. The mother ended up not doing so since Sadie turned out to be plain. So since Sadie was technically adopted by Sophie's mom, it wasn't a lie that Sadie is a granddaughter of Sir Pickering, and therefore she wasn't disqualified from getting the money.

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I liked how that worked out. Kinda steep, but it was good enough for me.


Rating: 3 out of 5

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Heiress Brides review



#1 Desperately Seeking a Duke - 3 stars

#2 The Duke Next Door - 3 stars

#3 Duke Most Wanted - 3 stars


I thought this was an average series. All three books were solid reads despite some issues I had with them. They were simple but fun.


My favorite would have to be The Duke Next Door. I like awkward characters, and the hero in that one has trouble expressing emotions and simply thinks too logically. I can relate to that a little.


If you're gonna read this series, I definitely recommend reading them in order. The books build on one another, and I think someone picking up the series at the second or third book would feel like they're lost or missing some info on some things.