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(Video Game) Spec Ops: The Line

Spec ops the line cover"Welcome to Dubai."


I downloaded this when it was a part of Playstation Plus. I thought it was going to be a typical military shooter, but at least when it came to the game's storyline, that wasn't the case.


Captain Walker (the character you play as) and his squad arrive in Dubai looking for survivors after devastating sandstorms have destroyed the city. At first it seems you're playing as the hero, going to be rescuing people and that sort of thing, but as you progress through the game the story becomes more and more tragic.


I didn't realize this on my first playthrough, but Captain Walker

basically snaps after he and his squad accidentally bombed a shelter full of civilians when they were fighting American troops (the 33rd Infantry). Instead of taking any responsibility, Walker blames the 33rd and wants revenge.

(show spoiler)


After this event you slowly see Walker break down. The decisions he makes are questionable. This takes a toll on his squad, Adam and Lugo, as they follow him along and wipe out all of the soldiers. Walker in his mind is trying to be a hero, doing what he thinks is right,

but in the end, it turns out he has lost his sanity. Walker talks to Joseph Conrad, general of the 33rd, throughout the game, but Conrad turns out to be a hallucination. In the last chapter, the player can choose whether Walker shoots himself or Conrad, the hallucination.

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There are multiple endings depending on what you choose.


It's the kind of story that makes you think, and I like that. As I was doing my multiple playthroughs, I understood what was going on better and better and noticed more clues on Walker's mental state. I also liked how the game tackled tough issues like war, morality, PTSD, and violence. No warm fuzzies here.


Some sources say that Spec Ops took some inspiration from Heart of Darkness. I haven't read that book so it's on my 'to read.'


The graphics are a big plus. Even though Dubai is in shambles, it's actually pretty stunning. The scenery is colorful and beautifully done. There are lots of little details like graffiti on the walls that make the setting feel alive and real.


The gameplay brought down the game for me. Nothing really special here. Just shooting hordes of enemies over and over again. I did like how there were a few key choices you get to make, and how you get a different outcome depending on what you choose.


The controls for the cover system were clunky. The enemy AI was ridiculous at times especially on the harder modes, because they have perfect aim and will spam you with bombs. When I was playing the game on FUBAR (super hard mode) I was cursing at the tv so much, because I was dying so many cheap deaths. FUBAR is doable, but you have to have luck and a lot of patience in order to complete it.


I wish they used a different voice for Walker besides the dude who voices Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. All I kept hearing was Drake.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Source: Played on PS3. Downloaded from Playstation Plus.