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A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James

My second time reading this since I received it in a giveaway. My first review can be found here. Two years ago was the last time I read this. :o


Last time I rated it two stars, and it's pretty much two stars again.


I found it pretty bland. It's nice to see an author get creative with a Cinderella story, but this one strayed pretty far. Like the stepsister's dogs are suppose to be the "rats" in the story, because they're the small and annoying kind.


What was here was pretty uninteresting. I was bored by the characters except for the (fairy) godmother. She had a vibrant personality.


I got tired of how Kate's thinness was brought up over and over again.

Kiss at Midnight inside cover


Gabriel was bland, and I didn't find him charming at all. He used a secret passage to peep into Kate's room for instance. I'm not sure why Kate was drawn to Gabriel. It wasn't clear why she fell for him.


Gabriel stowing Kate away in his room and sneaking off to her for sexytimes during the ball was distasteful, especially since he does this while the Russian princess, the person he's supposed to be marrying, was visiting.


The banter wasn't funny, but boring.


Rating: 2 out of 5


Source: Won in a giveaway



eloisa james autograph a kiss at midnight

The book I won was also autographed. Here's a picture in case you're curious.


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