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Some new books I got

It's been quite awhile since I bought any books. I've been really good about reading the ones I have. I thought it was time to treat myself. I only got two, but I'm so happy about them!


First book is Dream Lake Lisa Kleypas. I got it from a Goodwill Bookstore for $2.99. This place is my go-to source for buying used books. Their inventory is pretty good, and the store is so clean and organized.


The book I got is in good condition. The cover is not flat and smooth but bumpy and bent up. As you can see it has a Target 20% off sticker. Luckily I was able to peel that off without it leaving any marks.


I bought this since I'm trying to collect Lisa Kleypas books. This one is a part of her Friday Harbor series, which I haven't read yet. I have Rainshadow Road, but I don't have the first book, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, so this series is on hold until I do. (I'm reading another series from her right now anyway. Gotta finish that up first.)


My next book came in the mail. What could it be?


It's Duke Most Wanted by Celeste Bradley! It's the third and last book in the Heiress Bride series. I finished book two a short time ago, and I was feeling eager to finish the series up. I checked all the thrift stores and used bookstores around me for it, but I couldn't find it so I had to resort to buying it online.


I got it used from Amazon for $4.00. Technically it was $0.01. The rest of it was for shipping. That's still cheaper than the ebook. Last time I checked, the Kindle version was $7.59. o_O


The book I got is a mass market paperback. It was listed as in 'very good' condition, and I have to say that is accurate. It almost seems brand new save for the bent corner in the cover and creases in the spine. I'm very happy with that.


That's basically it. Just a post about two books I got. Kind of nonsense to go into that kind of detail, but that's what going through my mind. I felt like writing about it.