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I went to the Nevada State Museum and saw some cool stuff.

These are just my top 10 highlights from my visit. There was sooooooo much stuff to see even though it's a small museum. I highly recommend it if you're visiting Carson City and have some time on your hands. My photos don't show it, but the museum also gives some good info on Nevada history as well.



Nevada State Museum Website



1. 1880s Cotton Bustle Dress - I love seeing historical clothing. For one thing, in historical romances, I have trouble picturing what the characters are wearing, especially if it's a period I'm not familiar with.


A closer look at the pattern.

2. There was an exhibit on mining, and the exhibit itself is modeled as a mine shaft. It was actually quite dark and creepy down there.


3. A historical gun collection - It was pretty much a room filled with old school guns like ones used in the wild west, the Civil War, and World Wars. That kind of thing.



4. I did not expect this at all, but they had a button collection! I never thought there were many kinds of buttons. (There's more than what you see here.) It was pretty cool to look at.



A close look at one set of buttons.



5. A doll collection. My favorite is the Mickey Mouse doll.



6. Part of the museum used to be the historic Carson City Mint so they had stuff on coins and such. They even have one of the original coin presses which is still in operation. I got to see that in action. Kinda cool. What caught my eye was this old register that goes from May 1871 to June 1895. People would sign in when they came in for a tour of the mint. Look at that handwriting!



7. Some pretty rocks and minerals.



8. I believe this is a wooly mammoth skeleton, and the other is a horse skeleton for size reference.


9. They had an exhibit on animals in Nevada. I liked the Bighorn Sheep.


10. There were displays showing items from different periods of time. This one caught my attention because of the documents on the wall like the "Women of Reno: You are now citizen entitled to vote." I like the art on the others too.