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The Duke Next Door by Celeste Bradley - Married to a duke but having trouble with love

The Duke Next Door - Celeste Bradley

The Duke Next Door (Heiress Brides #2)

by Celeste Bradley


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Source: Used book from a Friends of the Library sale

First published: 2008

Pages: 332

First words: Once upon a time, a rich, grumpy old man sat down with quill and paper and changed the lives of his female descendants forever. . . .


I enjoyed this more than the first book, Desperately Seeking a Duke.


I connected to the characters better, mainly Calder. I completely understood his mentality. He thinks very logically, and he has a lot of trouble coming up with the right words to convey his feelings. He's not a emotionally expressive person so he appears cold and emotionless. I'm sorta like that so I know how it is.


Whenever Calder shows some feelings, some attraction, it moved me. I thought it was intense whenever he displays his affection for Deirdre.


Deirdre I didn't connected to as strongly, but she is fleshed out more than she was in the last book. You get more insight how being under her stepmom's horrendous care affected her.


On that note I think it would be beneficial to read the first book before reading The Duke Next Door, because this book picks up right where the first left off. If you don't read the first, it will feel like you're already in the middle of something.  For instance Deirdre talks about her stepmom, Tessa, a lot and how she hates her. Tessa doesn't show up much in this book, but in the first one.

 inside cover of The Duke Next Door

The only part I found pretty silly was the tavern scene at the end. Calder and his daughter pretend that she's a vicious criminal who likes to kill in order to persuade some men at a tavern to help them look for Deirdre in the park. It didn't make sense and didn't fit in with the book, especially since it comes right after a dark, grisly scene where Baskin, a guy who obsessed over Deirdre,

commits suicide and shoots himself in the head.

(show spoiler)


The inheritance that Deirdre is suppose to get for marrying a duke seems to be forgotten in the end since Deirdre makes no mention of it (I think). At least the two villains who wanted to keep the inheritance and prevent Deirdre from getting it weren't ridiculous this time around. Then again, they hardly showed up in this book. Baskin pretty much took over. I hope this inheritance thing is wrapped up in the next book. It has been a weak plot line.


RATING: 3 out of 5


My progress with the Heiress Brides series:


#1 Desperately Seeking a Duke

#2 The Duke Next Door


Need to read:

#3 Duke Most Wanted - Already ordered and should be on its way to me in the mail! I'm keeping on my goal to finish series that I've started. I only need this book so I might as well do it now. Yee haw!