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(Movie) The Croods - A prehistoric family trying to survive the wild and each other

The Croods


Official Site - IMDB (7.3) - Rotten Tomatoes (69%) - Wikipedia - Amazon


Source: Bought DVD

Originally released: 2013

Rated: PG


My little brother wanted to watch this so inevitably I had to watch it with him. Quality sibling time!


The Croods was better than I thought. I was expecting worse since I wasn't interested in this movie in the first place. The advertisements never really caught my eye.


It didn't make me laugh out loud, but I was entertained. It certainly made my little brother laugh though. He's twelve.


There were some cartoony slapstick humor. The characters survive falls from great heights and distances. The dad gets punched by a bunch of monkeys. Some characters try to lure and catch a bird for dinner by dressing themselves up as a female bird...


There were also some clever caveman jokes. The way the family reacts to seeing fire and wearing shoes for the first time was pretty funny, and I liked the part where the dad tries to come up with his own inventions, kinda bad inventions that sorta work.


I liked how the movie was about family and how the dad just wants to protect them.


The animation was wonderful especially the environments and animals. They were so colorful and imaginative. I loved the big, furry saber cat. It's fluffy and has a cute oversized head. The little sloth sidekick was amusing too. There were many kinds of unique creatures to see.


The ending made me teary I'll admit. It was emotional.

I actually wasn't sure if the dad was going to make it out alive, but he does. It has a happy ending.


(show spoiler)


Adequate movie for me. Not as good as Dreamworks's How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda, but I liked seeing that they're trying to be creative and original with their works.



RATING: 3 out of 5