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Passion Next Door by Cara Carnes - Next door neighbors getting it on

Passion Next Door - Cara Carnes

Passion Next Door (Pleasure Brigade #1)

by Cara Carnes


Author's site - Amazon


Source: Was a freebie from Amazon

First published: 2010

Pages: 40

First words: Autumn Scott took a full swallow of wine and glanced nervously at the clock.


Hot and steamy sex. Good for a quickie.


I liked the voyeurism in the beginning with Autumn getting off while she listens to her neighbor next door have sex. (Those are some thin walls for an apartment.)


I thought it was too direct the way Kade, her neighbor, invites her to his next sex session, but hey it got the story rolling.


Kade's friends who were invited for the menage didn't have much personality to them. They were plain. You have the country boy, the Italian, and the military man. Kade wasn't around enough to get a good feel of his character.


As for the sex, the men take turns having threesomes with Autumn while she's blindfolded. Pretty hot dominance and submission going on here.


There were loose ends at the end so it's not a surprise that this turns out to be a series. I'm interested in reading the next one, but it's not a high priority for me.


RATING: 3 out of 5


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