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Because You're Mine by Lisa Kleypas

Because You're Mine - Lisa Kleypas

Because You're Mine (Capital Theatre #2)

by Lisa Kleypas


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Source: Bought used book

First published: 1997

Pages: 376

First words: "I can't marry him. I just can't."


It has been a little over a week since I finished this book, and I'm having trouble remembering it. Oh dear. Note to self, this is why I should start writing at least a draft of my review right away. *sighs* Well... I guess it also shows that I didn't find this book particularly memorable. Some scenes stood out in my mind, but I had to go back and flip through some pages to refresh my memory.


It was certainly better than Somewhere I'll Find You but not enough to make me rate it higher.


I mainly enjoyed it, because I found Logan Scott to be a more compelling character than the first novel's hero. I wasn't expecting surprises like finding out that

Mrs. Florence was his grandmother, and that his real dad is actually an earl.

(show spoiler)

I also liked how we get to see Logan break out of his cold, distant personality and see a warmer, more human side to him. Only glimpses though. It wasn't a full transformation as I would have liked.


I think what put me off was the negativity and misgivings surrounding Madeline and Logan's relationship. At first, Madeline screws it up by not telling Logan the truth about her background. Logan therefore feels betrayed and is even more scared to open himself up to her even after they married (Logan and Madeline wedding occurs about midway of the book, and they marry since Logan got Madeline pregnant.) Madeline then feels hurt, because even though Logan shows plenty of physical affection for her, he doesn't show any emotional affection. She feels cut off and hurt by him. By that time, I was feeling more sorry for Madeline than Logan.


The book is split into two parts, and I really liked the first part with Madeline running away and meeting Logan. I liked how Logan melted for her and was struck by her innocent demeanor. Plus I liked the scenes where Madeline nurses Logan back to health. I thought it was rushed that at that moment she says to herself that she loves Logan, but I could see that she cared a lot for him.


Madeline was pretty bland to me. She didn't have a distinct personality other than being a nice young woman that everyone likes. To me during part two, she fades into background. In part one I remember a lot about her, but for part two I have trouble remembering what she did besides feeling hurt by Logan. Part two was more about Logan and his issues. Madeline became a bystander.


It's the second book in a series, but I think it would be ok to read it without reading Somewhere I'll Find You, in which Logan was introduced. The main couple from the first book makes some short appearances in Because You're Mine but weren't important in the grand scheme.


I loved Kleypas's writing. This was good book, but the romance wasn't exactly a hit for me.


RATING: 3 out of 5


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