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Video game: Saints Row: The Third

coverSaints Row: The Third


Source: Free from Playstation Plus

First released: 2011

Rated: Mature

Platform played on: PS3


Violent but fun game. Mwhahaha.


Saints Row the Third is much crazier (and sillier) than Saints Row 2. There are zombies and people in mascot costumes you can massacre. One of your weapons is a purple dildo bat. In one mission you go to a bdsm club... yeah nothing is really held back here. It's definitely an adult game with adult humor.


I love how you can create your own character. I spent so much time just picking and changing clothes. It needs more clothing options though. But at least you can wear anything you want since there are no restrictions based on your character's sex. Guys can wear dresses. Gals can wear suits. It's awesome. (Picture on right was my latest outfit.)


So you can choose your character to be either male or female. It doesn't matter since it doesn't have an effect on the story. I loved it when my female avatar in one of the missions carries a full grown man on her shoulders like it was nothing. The only difference I think is in dialogue, but that depends on which voice you choose, and there are multiple male and female voices to pick from.


The only mistakes I saw in reference to my character's sex was when the announcers in the Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax missions and Murderbrawl story mission refer to my character as a "he." Eh, no biggie.


The story could have been better. It wasn't very fleshed out. There's barely explanation for the missions you're doing. It basically boils down to the Saints taking over the city and taking out whoever is in your way since your character wants to get revenge for what happened to Johnny.


Gameplay was super entertaining. It's fun just walking or driving around the city and messing around. I liked the missions too. They're kinda the same throughout with shooting rival gang members and protecting your friends, but the humor keeps it from getting boring. There are some real cool storyline missions like the Tron-like one where you're inside a computer and you turn into an fierce dragon during the boss battle to take down the enemy.


I also liked the Professor Genki side missions where you're in a game show arena and you have to make your way through an obstacle course. You have to shoot mascots and avoid being hurt from the traps to score enough points in order to open the exit door and win.


RATING: 4 out of 5