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Video Game: Machinarium - A point-and-click puzzle game set in a robot world

machinarium cover



Source: Free from Playstation Plus

First released: 2009

Rated: Everyone 10+

Platform played on: PS3


This is a cool, little game.


I liked the art style. It had a nice balance of cartooniness and grunginess. The designs of the robots were charming. I also liked the detailed backgrounds.


The music was really good. I found it calming and relaxing, even almost mystical at times. It definitely added some atmosphere, and it softened the robotic setting.


Gameplay? I'm not much into puzzles, but I like point and click adventures. That's why I gave this game a try. The puzzles are ok, but I found as I progressed the puzzles grew less intuitive. I had to resort to using a walkthrough from online. The optional hints in the game were sort of helpful. A solution guide is also provided in the game, but you have to play a mini-game every time to use it. I didn't have the patience for that.


Navigating was kind of clunky. You can't use the d-pad or analog stick to make the robot walk around. You have to click on a spot, and the robot walks to it.machinarium gameplay


Story was cute. It had a laid-back kind of quality to it since everything seemed to happen so quietly. It's a very easygoing game. There's even no dialogue.


I liked how random thought bubbles would pop up from the robot character you play. (see picture to right). These thought bubbles would play a short cartoon showing some scenes with the main character and his friend.


RATING: 3 out of 5