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The Cat Who Blew the Whistle by Lilian Jackson Braun: A train-loving millionaire goes missing

The Cat Who Blew the Whistle - Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Blew the Whistle (Cat Who #17)

by Lilian Jackson Braun


Source: Bought used book

First published: 1995

Pages: 300

First words: The engineer clanged the bell.


Soooo much better than book #16!


We're back in Moose County so a lot of the supporting characters are back, making the book much, much livelier.


Celia, the cheery, old lady, returns, and this time she moves into Moose County. I liked seeing her again. Having her around brightened up the story, but I kinda felt bad that Qwill had her spy on the Trevelyans. It wasn't straight out spying. She hung around the family and talked with them and then shared her conversations with Qwill. I think what bothered me was that Qwill had her go over there to act like a friend or a friendly helping hand in order to get close to the family.


I was right. Elizabeth from the last book is a returning character and her and Derek are becoming a couple. Yay! She is such a nice person, maybe a tiny bit kooky. Her suggestion to use a pyramid for the fairies, or rather aliens, for the A Midsummer's Night Dream play was funny since only she and Fran were for that, and everybody else in the production was like "Please no."


Qwill is still paranoid about Elizabeth looking at him as a father figure. She doesn't even hang around him much. She's been doing other stuff like the play and hanging out with Derek. She just gives Qwill her father's old rocking chair to show her gratitude for saving her life back on the island. Yet, Qwill wants to avoid her.


Poor Polly. She goes through a lot of stress in this book, because she’s building a new house. In the end she suffers a mild heart attack, but she makes it to the hospital on time and is ok.


It looks like Polly and Qwill aren’t ever going to tie the knot. Everybody keeps bringing it up to them, but they say no. I kinda hope they will get married before the end of the series, but it sorta looks like one of those things that won’t ever change for the sake of the status quo.


The ending was completely dumb. The police are having trouble finding the missing secretary. Qwill figures out from one of Koko’s clues the word hermaphrodite. He immediately calls the chief of police and says he has a hunch that the secretary is a hermaphrodite and was impersonating as a woman. Therefore, the police should actually be looking for a man, possibly one with beard, because you know, disguise. Just what the..? o_O


Yeah, at this point I’m reading to see what happens to the citizens of Pickax. These books are more like a slice of small town life than cozy mystery novels.


RATING: 3 out of 5