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Summer Heat by Jaci Burton: A man that can control storms and a woman with a cold personality

Summer Heat  - Jaci Burton

Summer Heat (A Storm for All Seasons #1)

by Jaci Burton


Source: Was free from Amazon

First published: 2004

Pages: 234

First words: Aidan Storm strolled down the hallway of the corporate offices of The Rising Storm, his family's hotel.


I wasn't fond of this one.


Constant ups and downs in Melissa and Aidan's relationship. One chapter they're all over each other and the next someone wants out. The whole book is like this. It's frustrating, and it made me not think highly of the characters. Just make up your minds, people.


Aidan has magical powers. He can control some weather like whip up storms with thunder and lightning. He can also make it hot and humid.


Melissa has an ice queen personality and comes from the cold, snowy city of Boston.


So you see there's this hot vs. cold thing going on between the characters. Aidan is basically trying to melt Melissa's cold personality. I would be ok with this dynamic, but there are so many metaphors bringing this up over and over and over again that I got annoyed with it.


Aidan's powers were kinda cool, but I thought it was invasive and scummy of him to "heat" up Melissa and give her an orgasm without her consent, especially since it was in public and she didn't even know about his magic yet.


Aidan is a womanizer. You see that right away on page one with him hitting on one of his employees. Kinda gross. I didn't see anything in the story that redeemed him for me. He just falls in love with Melissa, because she's "the one." He didn't have much of a personality.


This book did not click with me, but I'm willing to try more of Burton's works. I think I have one more freebie from her on my Kindle.


RATING: 1.5 out of 5