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Tender is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey: A woman runs away to Arizona as a mail-order bride for a rancher

Tender Is the Storm - Johanna Lindsey

Tender is the Storm

by Johanna Lindsey


Source: Bought from a Friends of the Library sale

First published: 1985

Pages: 327

First words: The cat was large, over two hundred pounds and nearly eight feet long.


***WARNING: Major spoilers in this review! It will ruin the surprise!***


First the cover. My edition actually has the cover that is pictured down below. I don't know how this looks romantic. To me it looks like the guy knocked the woman out and is violating her in some bushes. o_O The quality of the art is nice though, very well drawn, and I appreciate that the man is nude while the woman is clothed. :P No matter how much I like or didn't like the story, I'm going to keep this book in my collection for the amazing cover.


Luckily I did like the story. So that's a good bonus.


Sharisse is the main heroine. I liked how she spoke out and didn't back down so easily.


Lucas: I liked how he was considerate of Sharisse's feelings. I wasn't swooning over him, but he was nice. Kinda cheeky, but he respected Sharisse and gave her space when she needed it.


Slade: Lucas's twin brother. Dude was scary and aggressive.


MAJOR SPOILER!!! The author fooled me into thinking that Lucas and Slade were twins. It turns out that Lucas actually died a long time ago so Slade was pretending to be both Lucas and Slade. Slade had to pass himself off as Lucas in order to execute his plans for revenge against the man responsible for killing his father and brother. The "Slade" he was playing as was an exaggerated role though, because he wanted to scare Sharisse into Lucas's arms.


Crazy twist? I thought so, but I liked it. It really made the book for me.


I was glad Slade admitted that when he played as "Slade" he wasn't himself, because I thought pretend Slade was a jerk. He was forcing Sharisse to kiss him and was basically intimidating her. But I guess it was for a purpose, and the harassment wasn't painted in a romantic light.


The big reveal also made some things make more sense. For instance, I thought it was weird how the book opens with Slade. It was a lengthy intro for him too. Then the man Sharisse spends her time with is his twin Lucas.


I thought the ending was great except I didn't like how Sharrise dropped a bomb by saying she gave birth to twins after she ran away from Luke. Real Slade brushes it off and doesn't seem too bothered, but I thought that was a weird way to end the book. I don't like baby bombs.


In all, this book was quite an adventure. I didn't find it romantic necessarily. It didn't give me warm fuzzy feelings, but it was highly entertaining and a lot of fun to read.


RATING: 4 out of 5