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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart - Patricia Gaffney Source: Bought a used copy. (isbn: 0451404366, mass market paperback)Reading Challenges: Where Are You Reading?, What an Animal.My Thoughts: Loved it! I found this at a used book sale, and I got it because the blurb on the back sounded good. Specifically, the word "anthropologist" caught my eye. Romances with any characters that are scientists interest me greatly.I found it to be a very sweet and heartwarming story. Sydney and Michael were a very cute couple, and I was glad that they got their happily ever after. It was especially interesting how Michael regained himself after being alone in the wild for so many years. It was a little farfetched that he as a child survived for such a long time on his own, but it didn't take me out of the story.A keeper for sure for me! I highly recommend it!5 out 5! :D