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The Cat Who Came to Breakfast by Lilian Jackson Braun: Sabotage ocurring at an island with many names

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast - Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast

by Lilian Jackson Braun


Source: Bought used. From a used bookstore, I think.

First published: 1994

Pages: 249

First words: It was a weekend in June--glorious weather for boating.


Dull, dull, dull... I had a hard time getting through this one.


It was slow and didn't have much action. Qwill wandered around on Pear Island (aka Breakfast Island aka Providence Island) and talked to people. That's pretty much it. In the last book, he at least did stuff like dressed up as Santa and performed his play. The only exciting thing he did in this book out of the 249 pages was rescue a lady when she got bitten from a snake.


The new people Qwill met while on the island were bland and boring. They were forgettable and disposable. The only exception is Elizabeth since she appeared to be a new character that will be sticking around for the next book. I actually liked Elizabeth. I liked the way she got on Qwill's nerves.


Qwill was crankier than usual. He wasn't pleased by anything, and I didn't like the way he treated Nick and Lori, characters that I was happy to see finally take center part in the story. He was so cold and distant towards them even though he has known them for some time.


And poor Lori and Nick. They are such sweet and friendly characters, but so many unfortunate things kept happening to them in this book. I wonder if they'll continue to run their bed and breakfast inn.


Derek Cuttlebrink was in this one. I always like seeing him. Him and Elizabeth were sorta eyeing each other at the end. Hopefully something comes out of that.


Too many loose ends or things left unexplained for my liking. One that comes to mind is what happened between Elizabeth and her brother, Jack. He must have done something pretty bad in order to scare her off so badly.


This book was basically a bummer. I hope the next one is more upbeat.


RATING: 2 out of 5