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If It Ain't Love by Tamara Allen: During the Great Depression, two men find hope

If It Ain't Love - Tamara Allen

If It Ain't Love

by Tamara Allen


Source: Free from Amazon. In fact, I think it's a permanent freebie from the author.

First published: 2011

Pages: 44

First Words: "Well? What do you think?" Whit gazed across the miles of ink-stained oak to where Charlie Hadley sprawled against cracked leather, his customary scowl mostly hidden behind a scrap of badly typed copy.


A beautiful and touching story. I was way more into the second half than the first half so if the beginning doesn't capture your attention right away, keep going. It gets better.


It's a m/m romance set in New York during the Great Depression. I thought that was unique. It's what made me interested in reading this in the first place.


Even though the setting is sad since just about everyone is losing their homes and having hard times finding jobs, this actually cheered me up, because Whit and Peter were still able to find hope. I liked how they not only helped each other but also helped other people as well. And their actions weren't even that big. For instance, Peter gives his suits away so other men going to job interviews look clean and presentable and have a better chance getting hired. It shows that even small actions like that can make a difference in people's lives. It doesn't have to be conspicuous.


I liked how the romance was on the sweeter side. This isn't erotic at all. Peter and Whit do have sex, but it doesn't go into detail. It's actually quite vague, but you get the idea. Their display of affection for each other is actually quite limited due to the time period, but somehow I could feel that these men were drawn to each other, wanted to be together.


I have to say that the cover is absolutely lovely. It looks like a pencil sketch. Very artistic.


Only problem I had was with the writing. Sometimes there was jumps in what was happening, like the characters would be doing one thing, but then suddenly something else is happening.  It needed better transitions or something.


RATING: 3.5 out of 5