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Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn - Woman mates with a pair of warrior brothers

Earth Moves  - Lacey Thorn

Earth Moves

(Island Guardians #1)

by Lacey Thorn

Source: Was free on Amazon

First published: 2007

Pages: 128

First Words: "You will come to regret this decision one day, my warrior prince."


As you can see, it's hard not to notice the cover, because it has naked people grabbing each other's butts. o.o Of course I had to see for myself what this was all about.


So what we have here are male warriors searching for women to mate with since there are very few women left in the world due to a disease outbreak, and in this book, the rule is that brothers can only claim one woman for themselves. They have to share, because apparently things are that bad.


I think this kind of set up can be fun. I'm not totally on board with the sharing between brothers thing, but I can roll with it. It's something different.


Yet somehow this book made it all very boring. I blame it on the overabundant sex scenes, which weren't even that steamy. There wasn't much passion or emotional bonding between Erika and her men.


There was very little plot, but what was there was interesting. I liked the mythology of the Guardians, and seeing Erika use her earth powers was cool.


The lady getting off on watching other women being raped was disturbing. She came in a little late in the story so I was surprised that there was an actual antagonist in this.


The writing wasn't very good. It was dull and had a monotonous feel to it.


I would not recommend this book.


RATING: 1 out of 5