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Miss Reader

Every book is a new journey to embark on. I mainly read romances, but I dabble in other genres too.

August Overview

Just taking a look back on my posts from the past month. It kind of helps me see how I'm doing.


Book Reviews

No Quarter by Christine d'Abo - 3

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - 4 ***RECOMMEND***

Convincing Quinn by Chloe Cole - 2

The Cat Who Wasn't There by Lilian Jackson Braun - 3

One Night in Reno by Rogenna Brewer - 1

Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas - 4.5 ***RECOMMEND***

Cat's Meow by Nicole Austin - 2.5

The Cat Who Went into the Closet by Lilian Jackson Braun - 3

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson - 3

Bazil Broketail by Christopher Rowley - 3.5 ***RECOMMEND***


Total: 10 reviews

Average rating: 2.95


Movie Reviews

McClintock! - 3

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - 4.5

The Back-up Plan - 1.5


Songs of the Week

Warrior Concerto - The Glitch Mob

If I Had You - Adam Lambert

Professional Griefers - deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way

Closer - Tegan and Sara

Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan


Top Off Tuesdays

Bad ass cowboy with a gun

No farmer's tan on this farmer

Male stripper. That's right.

The light hits his abs juuust right