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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - Straight guys pretend to be gay couple

movie posterI Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Source: It was on tv

Rating: PG-13

Released: 2007

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I knew this was going to be bad, but I still wanted to watch it. The premise intrigued me I'll admit.


This could have been better if the jokes were clever. I think it would have been a vast improvement if Chuck (played by Adam Sandler) wasn't a horn dog who hits on every woman he meets. For crying out loud, the movie starts with him trying to get identical twins to kiss each other. In fact, he was going out with one twin, but he cheated on her by sleeping with the other twin. How incredibly sleazy.


I had a hard time even believing that Larry (played by Kevin James) would let a guy like Chuck hang around and take care of his kids. For instance, there's one scene where Chuck shows Larry's son a dirty magazine and in front of Larry too. However, Larry just rolls his eyes at him.


I think you get my point that there's too many vulgar jokes. One of the dumbest ones I thought was when the lawyer (played by Jessica Biel) asked Chuck to feel her boobs to prove that they are real. She only does this, because she thinks Chuck is gay. -_- Who does that?


There were some parts that I thought were sincere. I liked it when Chuck stood up to the homophobic protesters. I also liked it when Larry called out the other firefighters for passing around a petition to get Chuck and Larry moved to a different squad after Chuck and Larry revealed their partnership. Larry points out to his squad that he and Chuck were always saving their behinds before they even knew about them being gay so now they're being total asses by doing the petition.


I had some chuckles here and there, but I can't rate this very highly. Just too cliche and lowbrow.