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Bazil Broketail by Christopher Rowley - Dragons fighting with swords!

Bazil Broketail - Christopher Rowley

Bazil Broketail

by Christopher Rowley


Source: Bought used copy

First published: 1992

Pages: 476

First words: High and clear the clarions sounded the silvery cry of Fundament Day from the Tower of Guard of the city of Marneri.


I could not resist getting this book, because look at it! There's a dragon holding a sword on the cover! It could be bad. It could be good. Didn't matter. I was going to read it!


And the cover did not lie, there are sword wielding dragons in this book. Bazil is one of them, and there are several others throughout the book, but Bazil is the main hero. Makes sense since his name is the title.


There are some scenes where dragons fight against other dragons in arena matches, but later on they fight alongside human troops against trolls and imps. These fights are pretty bloody and gruesome! People get cut in half or get smashed. Lots of limbs are lopped off. o_o


I liked how the dragons acted like dragons. I thought their personalities and quirks were funny. One scene I remember was when the Argonath army was stopped by elves and were told they could not enter the elves' territory. The army stops, but the dragons ignore the elves' warning and trespass into the river to cool their aching feet after the long march. The soldiers and everyone else start fretting like "Oh god. We're gonna die here for this? What a stupid way to go." *laughs* Luckily the elves don't attack and once the elf king arrives, everyone is allowed to enter.


This book was filled with awesome female characters. The great witch Lessis was a grade A badass. She was commanding and had a strong presence. She had a cool and calm demeanor and never came across as bitchy. (Thank god, because sometimes when people try to create strong female characters, they tend to make them mean and bitchy.) Even though Lessis is powerful, you see moments where she feels vulnerable and is unsure if she can rescue the princess.


Lagdalen is involved with a bit of romance, but I liked how romance didn't define her character. When you first meet her, she's being punished for getting caught making out with an elf. Later on she develops a crush on Captain Kesepton, who has goo goo eyes for her. This romantic relationship is only a side plot. Lagdalen mainly assists Lessis on her mission and fights alongside her in the battles.


There is a princess in this story that needs to be rescued but she, Princess Besita, is being rescue because her brother is deemed unfit for rule by the Witch Council (More powerful ladies). For most of the book, the princess is kidnapped by the magician, Thrembode. She seems to be under his spell and not in her right mind, because during her abduction she is treated like a slave, but she doesn't even think about escaping.  She also has sex with him. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that at the end of the book, she's getting treatment to restore her sanity. I felt sorry for Besita. It will be interesting to see if she can become a suitable ruler. That is, if this is address in the next book.


i thought it was absolutely awesome how the women who were held captive by the imps for breeding (Yeah breeding. They were being used to breed imps! o_o) joined in the last big fight once they were freed. I wanted to applaud the author right there for doing that.


The book has a militaristic slant. Lots of talk on battle strategies and tactics. It was kind of hard to follow and picture the fights, but I knew what was going on.


The big baddie was a rock? Seriously a rock. A rock with an evil conscious or essence locked into it I guess? I don't remember if this was ever explained. I think the book just said that the Dark Masters created it... for some reason.... I guess the rock was in charge of the city he was in. I liked how Bazil doesn't take the evil rock seriously when he meets it.


Very imaginative fantasy! I plan to read the next one if I find it.