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{Movie Review} The Back-up Plan - Rom com with pregnancy humor

The Back-up Plan

Source: It was on tv

Released: 2010

Rating: PG-13

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Oooh boy, this movie was almost unbearable. For some reason I like watching romantic comedies even though Hollywood seems to aim low when producing these things.  And for The Back-up Plan they didn't really try to make this any different from other rom-coms.


So the humor... not very smart or clever. It goes for the easy laugh, and I gotta admit I was cringing at plenty of these parts.


For instance, it brings up that pregnant women are really horny. Zoe (played by Jennifer Lopez) and her friend talk about this subject very loudly in a gym and bother a woman who is working out near them. The woman is so disgusted that she gets away from them. (Ha ha?)


And then in another scene Zoe and her boyfriend, Stan (played by Alex O'Loughlin) start making out in a cheese storage room. They really start to get into it with some intense kissing and groping when all of a sudden Zoe orgasms. Because she's pregnant remember? (Ha ha?) I honestly thought it was embarrassing. Boy, was I scrambling to turn the volume down when Zoe started moaning from her orgasm. O_o It was loud.


I thought Alex O'Loughlin looked sorta cute, but Stan, the character he plays comes on way too hard especially in the beginning. When he first meets Zoe he keeps following her and doesn't back off. That seemed kinda desperate to me, and I don't find that attractive. I wish Hollywood would stop writing male characters this way.


Zoe and Stan's relationship moved really fast. (It didn't help that jumps in time weren't clearly shown. It was really hard to tell if days or weeks have gone by.) It didn't seem like they got to know each other well, and I had hard time believing this guy would be so committed even after learning about Zoe's pregnancy.


The big rift that causes Stan and Zoe to break up was pretty dumb. Stan points out to someone that Zoe's babies aren't his, and Zoe takes that comment as Stan not wanting to be a father. Therefore, she dumps him. *sighs* Well... yeah technically the kids aren't his since Zoe used donor sperm. He was just pointing it out, clarifying it. He didn't say it with anger or spite. Just... ugh what a complete overreaction by Zoe. The writers couldn't come up with anything better?


That said, there was something cute about this movie. I guess I liked the cheeriness of it. It didn't get gloomy at all even when the characters broke up. And I gotta admit I liked how Lopez and O'Loughlin acted it out. Not the best acting and they didn't have much chemistry together, but to me, it looked like they genuinely gave the material their best shot.