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VIDEO GAME - Borderlands: Shoot and loot!

cover Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition)


Source: Bought new from retail store

Platform: PS3

Rated: Mature 17+

First released: 2009

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Yes I play video games, and I would like to write reviews on them too. It won't be often though, because I want to do it when I'm mostly done with the game. (Because I'm weird like that.) For instance, I finally managed to get 100% of the trophies for Borderlands. *sighs* I am a bit of a trophy hunter.


Anyways... Borderlands is an awesome game! You can play it single player, but I highly recommend playing it with a buddy. It's way more fun that way. I had a blast playing co-op with my brother. It's also easier with more people since other players can revive you, which is especially helpful during boss battles. Plus, you're supposed to get better loot with more players.


MordecaiI chose Mordecai as my character. I picked him mainly because he has a pet bird named Bloodwing. Yup. I thought it would be cool to have a killer bird on my side. And Bloodwing does come in handy since it flies around and attacks enemies, but it's soooo glitchy since it tends to get stuck in walls. :(


The weapons were pretty cool. I liked using the elemental weapons especially the ones that set enemies on fire. *evil laugh* I liked seeing them burn. I was disappointed that the alien weapons were so useless though. I hardly used those.


I didn't pay much attention to the story. A lot of it is told through the mission descriptions, but you can get the gist of what's going on even if you don't read them. There aren't a lot of cut-scenes, but the characters speak to you over a communication device and tell you what to do or what's happening.


I loved the humor in this game. It can be a little vulgar and dark, but it was also quite witty and clever.


I liked the aspect of looting, but I wish there was a way you could store and collect weapons. You could keep them in your backpack, but that only takes up space and prevents you from collecting more stuff. There is a bank where you can store stuff in one of the DLCs, but that's too much of a hassle to travel back and forth.


They need to put a mini-map on the screen. It was a huge pain looking up mission markers since you can only access the map through the main menu. I think this is fixed in Borderlands 2.


claptrapClaptrap is now my favorite robot. Everything about him is so funny! I have the Game of the Year edition which comes with all the DLC, and I loved Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. I thought it was hilarious, especially Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap's dialogue. The trophies for that DLC were a pain though. *grumbles* It's based on collecting items dropped by the Claptraps, but the drops are completely random! It took me forever to get 15 slices of pizzas!


The DLC I hated the was Moxxie's Underdome. That one was horrible. It's a tournament where you kill wave after wave of enemies. That's not a bad idea, but the execution was terrible, because you can't save between rounds or waves! You have to do a tournament in one sitting, which can take a couple of hours for the small one. For the bigger ones, it took me what... like 5-6 hours? I'm not joking! I shouldn't have done it, but I wanted to get those trophies.


The other DLCs, Zombie Island and Knoxx's Vault, are ok. The gameplay is nothing different, but the writing continues to be funny and entertaining. And at least you get to loot an actual vault in the Knoxx DLC.


RATING: 4.5 out of 5


I can't wait to get Borderlands 2! I've heard many good things about it, and it seems to be a huge improvement over the first. It's a good thing I finished this game now, because they just happened to announce a Game of the Year edition for the sequel. Finally!