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The Cat Who Went Into The Closet by Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who... #15)

The Cat Who Went Into the Closet - Lilian Jackson Braun

Source: Used copy that I bought from somewhere a looong time ago. Can't remember. Might have been from a gun show. Yes there are people who sell books at gun shows.

First published: 1993

Pages: 257

First words: The WPKX radio announcer hunched over the newsdesk in front of a dead microphone, anxiously fingering his script and waiting for the signal to go on the air.


Ok I gotta admit as the series goes on, the mysteries are getting better at keeping my attention. Qwilleran doesn't seem to be wondering around and dilly dallying as much by taking people out to restaurants. I hope it stays that way.


I like the way the books are getting more strongly connected together, like referring to past events and characters.


Qwill... I think he's still a dick and yet somehow I like reading about him. This installment clearly shows that he dislikes children, which I honestly thought was funny. There's this one part where he's forced to be Santa for the Christmas parade. I laughed out loud when he vehemently opposes to let children sit on his lap. Man, was he such a poor sport about it.


It's weird how Qwill thinks people are out to steal his cats. It makes him seem jumpy. It's one thing to be worried about them, but people stealing them? Sure it happened once in the book before this, but it was due to some personal struggle between him and this other person who knew him very well. 


Arch and Mildred get married! Yay!


Old lady from Florida was a hoot. So was her grandson. I like the way they help out in the investigation. Although, it's odd how Qwill gives her a lot of money so easily just so he can make it seem like the old lady is receiving a big inheritance. That takes a lot of trust and guts. Also, Qwill must have a lot of money in order to give it away like that.


Another Goodwinter bites the dust. Are any of them going to survive this series?