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Cat's Meow by Nicole Austin (Predators #1)

Cat's Meow - Nicole Austin

Source: Was free on Amazon

First published: 2009

Pages: ~118

First words: "We hope to have  table for you in about thirty minutes, Mr. Lasiter."


A lion shifter! Yeah, that's pretty much the best thing about it.


I liked the science fiction approach towards shifters-- an experiment inserting animal DNA into humans. But I didn't like how the villain was a typical evil baddie. He was hardly a threat and wasn't even around much.


I didn't like the way the sex scenes were handled. The two main characters were careless considering they were being guarded and were under surveillance. Like really, they had to sneak off into a room for a quickie? *shakes head*


The pregnancy secret was kinda annoying. Ultimately it wasn't even *that* important. The story would have been better without it. I have found that I'm usually not fond of the way babies are used to bring the hero and heroine closer together. To me, it seems lazy and unrealistic.


The hero in lion form bringing a dead rabbit to the heroine was funny.