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Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas

Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas

Source: Bought used from thrift store

First published: 2001

Pages: 375

First Words: "What is your preferred style, Miss Briars? Would you prefer your man to be fair-haired or dark? Average height or tall? English or foreign?"


Mmmm... so good. Not quite as good as the Hathaways series but much better than Somewhere I'll Find You.


On the cover, it claims to be "the most sensual romance of the year." I can't disagree with that! There were plenty of sex scenes, maybe a bit too much towards the end, but wow, they were steamy. Kleypas has a knack for writing hot scenes without getting too raunchy. I love how she uses beautiful descriptive language.


The concept of a romance between a publisher and a writer was very interesting. It was fun getting a little insight how the publishing world was like back in early 19th century London.


Amanda was a cool character. I liked how she was a talented, respectable writer. Sometimes I think she lost her head over particular issues, but I guess I couldn't blame her since she was scared to lose her respect and reputation in society.


Jack-- there was a lot to him, a lot of background. You could tell he respected Amanda. He didn't push her around or try to control her.


The way Jack and Amanda meet was quite a set-up. It is one of the most memorable beginnings for me in a historical romance. A woman hiring a male prostitute for her birthday so she can lose her virginity? Definitely an attention grabber.


Oscar Fretwell, Jack's assistant... I can't resist a guy with glasses. This guy seemed cute. Too bad he doesn't have his own novel. Maybe he's one of the guys who is too hurt to find love. :(  He's not lucky as Jack.


Charles Hartley-- what a gentleman! He seemed like a cute guy too. It was funny how the author kept mentioning his beard. It must be a fabulous beard to be mentioned so many times. He doesn't have his own novel either to my knowledge. There needs to more stories with nice guys. Broody "bad boy" type guys like Jack are ok and can be hot, but they're used a lot. Nice, friendly guys are more my type.