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One Night in Reno by Rogenna Brewer

One Night In Reno - Rogenna Brewer

Source: Was free from Amazon

First Published: 2013

Pages: 64

First Words: "Come on, come on,..." Jenny Albright coaxed the old Ford Fairlane off the road and coasted to the nearest pump at the Fernley 76 off US Alternate 50.


An odd read.


Garrett goes to such incredible lengths to help out Jenny, I find it hard to believe. Even marrying her when he hardly knows her? That's crazy, especially since they're complete strangers. There's being a good person, and then there's being ridiculous.


Garrett's relationship with Tess was confusing. Jenny's background and reason for running away was messy.


There were many typos, and the writing seemed rough like it needed some editing.


I read this because I live in Reno, and I wanted to see how my city was used. I haven't come across many works that take place here so I was excited to read this. Sadly, it was a disappointing.