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Movie Sunday: McLintock! (1963)


I remember seeing my dad watch this whenever it came on tv. I've seen parts of it but never the whole movie so it's about time I did.


It was amusing and funny, but sometimes it made me cringe.  The big finale with McLintock spanking his wife was one of those moments. Him chasing her around town was funny, but when it came to the actual spanking, I wasn't amused. It went overboard. The whole town stood there and watched as McLintock spanked his wife with a small ash shovel. (It wasn't with his hand like the poster shows.) I think Mrs. McLintock being chased around town while she was in her underwear was humiliating enough. Plus, I think it was perfect since she brought that upon herself since she wouldn't stop and talk to her husband about why she left him in the first place.


I loved the costumes in movie. The dresses Mrs. McLintock and her daughter wore were beautiful.


Interesting tidbit- this movie is in the public domain, at least in the United States. You can find it at the Internet Archive and many other websites to watch.


Bookish connection: Apparently based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. I think I might have read that once in high school. Maybe. I can't remember. I put it on my to read list, because I'm drawing a complete blank on what it's about. Maybe once I read it I'll appreciate this movie better?