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The Cat Who Wasn't There by Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who... #14)

The Cat Who Wasn't There - Lilian Jackson Braun

Source: Borrowed from Open Library

First published: 1992

Pages: 279

First words: In late August, sixteen residents of Moose County, a remote part of the United States 400 miles north of everywhere, traveled to Scotland for a tour of the Western Isles and Highlands, lochs and moors, castles and crofts, firths and straths, burns and braes, fens and bens and glens.


Woah. This was actually pretty good. It kept me in suspense since Qwill didn't dilly dally and spend all his time taking people out to restaurants. 


I liked how there was more focus on Qwill's relationship with Polly (about time).


Having Melinda back was entertaining. I liked how she got on Qwill's nerves. However, it was sad to see her go out like that in the end. The Goodwinters seem to be dropping one by one. Hopefully, nothing happens to Junior. He's my favorite Goodwinter member.


Nice to see Mildred back. It was annoying how the author kept mentioning her weight. So what if she's plump? Do we have to keep mentioning it over and over? Ugh.


I hope Mildred and Arch get together. They would make a nice couple, better than Arch with Amanda. Amanda can be amusing with her grouchiness, but it doesn't feel right to have her with Arch. Mildred seems like a better suit, and she seems lonely. I hope the author expands this relationship in later books.


Look at me reading a mystery novel and all I pay attention to is the romance. ^^;