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Convincing Quinn by Chloe Cole (Rock Hard #1)

Convincing Quinn - Chloe Cole

Source: Was free from Amazon

First published: 2011

Pages: 45

First Words: "Yess. Oh God. Yeah."


I wasn't into this one.


Beau and Rex having sex with a groupie in a bedroom next to Quinn's... Weird. You'd think they would be more considerate especially since Rex is in love with Quinn.


In fact, the whole sex with groupies thing was odd. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe I need to read more rock star romances? What made me cringe was how nonchalant Rex and Beau were about it and that Quinn didn't even bat an eye. Quinn also gave in too easily and joined in on the threesome like there was nothing to it.


It was rushed. Romance part didn't have much depth to it. All I got was that they were band mates and maybe all three of them have feelings for each other? That's about as deep as it goes.


The ending was too convenient. Kind of felt cheap the way Beau suddenly realized he was not in love with Quinn. It was nice that things worked out in the end for Rex and Quinn, but it made the menage seemed tacked on.