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Top Off Tuesday: No farmer's tan on this farmer

Shirtless men on covers? Yes, please. That's why I'm joining Amanda, Christi, and Felicia every Tuesday to post covers that have hot guys with their tops off. Head on over to The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog to see what others have posted and to share your link.




Going a little old school this week. I wish I could have found a better quality picture, but this will have to do. I'm not one to buy Silhouettes and Harlequins, but if I find any with interesting covers like this during my next book shopping spree I'm going to get 'em. I remember the last library sale having a whole bunch of these types of books, but I passed on them. Darn. There could have been a gem in there.


Anyways! Enjoy gazing on this studly farmer.



The Nesting Instinct (Here Come The Grooms) - Elizabeth August 


At twenty-seven, schoolteacher Meg Delany was quickly approaching spinsterhood in the opinion of everyone in her small mid-western town. The gossip didn't bother her, but she still felt plagued by that nesting instinct... and that's where Zeke Wilson came in.

Zeke, a brawny, headstrong farmer had been acquainted with Meg for years. He'd needed her help in a confidential matter... and he ended up proposing marriage. It was the most practical solution. She wanted a home and children: he wanted heirs for his prosperous farm.

Meg agreed with Zeke's logic, so they married. Everything was fine - until she began to fall in love with a man who thought love was nothing; but trouble..