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No Quarter by Christine d'Abo (Bounty #1)

No Quarter - Christine d'Abo

Source: Was free from Amazon

Originally published: 2010

Pages: 228

First Sentence: Gar Stitt walked silently into The Space Jock--the seediest bar on Tybal Station--with a clear head and clear purpose.


Ok, first off look at the cover. Nothing like swords, naked men, and convient shadows covering up the goods. Heh heh heh.


...Anyway! This was a fun read. Some good sci-fi romance goodness. World wasn't as fleshed out as much as I would have liked. The government and its Loyalists were vague to me, and I didn't completely understand what was going on there, specifically regarding the background around Gar's family.


However there were some good descriptive details throughout the story, little things about the technology such as space ships and space travel. I like stuff like that since it paints a better picture of the futuristic setting. There were also some good action scenes.


I liked the bounty hunter versus pirate dynamic, and even though I'm not into pirates, I liked Captain Wolf and his fun, flirty personality.


I wasn't entirely sold on Captain Wolf and Gar becoming a couple though. I appreciated the characters realizing that things were happening too fast between them, but it didn't negate that things did happen quickly. This fault for me mainly stuck out in the beginning when Gar and Captain Wolf first meet. Let's just say Captain Wolf got a little too easily into Gar's pants. I expected more tension and resistance from Gar even though he was under the influence of a drug, a drug that made him more prone to feeling aroused.  Gar's supposed to be a top ranking bounty hunter after all.


But there were some sweet emotional moments between the two men, especially at the end, which I loved. So they fell in love a little fast for me, but at least there was something to it.


As for the heat level... wowza! It was hot, hot, hot. Straight up erotic. No complaints there.


The ending leaves on an uncertain note since you don't know for sure how long Captain Wolf and Gar will be together due to Wolf's declining health. Don't know if this is addressed in the sequels but as it is, it's kinda sad.