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Animal Instincts by Kim Alan

Animal Instincts - Kim Alan

Source: Free from Smashwords

Originally published: 2012

Pages: 38

First sentence: Dr. Jordan Mackenzie ran a soothing hand over the broad back of the bulldog on his examining table, all the encouragement the hefty canine needed to flop sideways until his back pressed against Jordan.



This one caught my eye because a romance that involves a veterinarian and dogs? Total potential for something cute! Unfortunately it didn't click with me. 


For one I couldn't connect to the characters. Jordan, the veterinarian, had an adorable and friendly personality. I liked him, but he seemed close to being cliche. Cal, pet owner and Jordan's client, I didn't like as much since he was so cold and distant. It was nice seeing Jordan try to get Cal to open up. I wish there was more of that in there, because you hardly learn anything about Cal. Cal's little freakout near the end wasn't even explained. There was some hints, but I wasn't satisfied in not knowing fully.


The bulldog trying to play matchmaker was sort of cute, but it was over the top, especially when the owner insists that her bulldog has ‘gaydar.’ Meh. And I didn't like how the bulldog owner was portrayed as a shrieking old lady. Another cliche here.


Heat level: 6 out of 10 Things got steamy, but it did not set me on fire. I just wasn't feeling the chemistry between Cal and Jordan. I thought the kissing scenes were pretty good though.


There was some bdsm-ish element near the end (it's related to Cal's freakout), but it was tossed in haphazardly. Almost came out of nowhere.