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Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

Big Sky - Kitty Thomas

Source: Was free on Amazon

Originally published: 2012

Pages: ~143

First Sentence: Veronica rolled over to the unimpressive view outside her window: another building far too close to her own.


Yus, another disturbing read from Kitty Thomas. Disturbing in a good way of course.


Felt like it needed some polish. Writing didn't capture well the subtlety of what was going on psychologically. For example at some points the writing gets clunky whenever Veronica debates with herself whether she should stay with Luke after being treated like a slave and seeing that Luke has some loose screws. I still believe Thomas's Comfort Food, my top read from her, handled the psychology and the evolution of a character becoming a slave the best.


Truly some scary parts like the scene at the lake. I got chills when Luke said that taking Veronica out to town was a bad idea.


Luke... yeah I'd say he's a psycho.


Ending felt wishy-washy since it wasn't conclusive. It was left up in the air whether Luke will ever see Veronica for who she is instead of seeing his dead girlfriend in her. I understand why the author did it since in reality, sometimes people simply can't move on, but the execution of it didn't hit the right note for me.


Heat level: 8.5 out of 10 It gets pretty kinky. Don't be expecting anything sensual and passionate though. There's no romance here. In fact dubious consent is front and center here. Things are done to Veronica against her will, and yet she likes it since that's what turns her on. She is treated like a slave, even gets branded like one of the steers. She's tied up, fondled and exhibited in front of the other ranch workers, and to top it all off, she's injected with hormones and forced to lactate. In other words, she's milked. Very shocking, oooooh yes. And I liked it. Mwhahaha. (Oh dear.)


Author status: This is my third read from Kitty Thomas. At this point, I'm going to say that she's going on my "must-read" list. So far I like what I've read from her. Writing could be improved, but I ultimately like her ideas and the kind of stories she's trying to tell.


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