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The Cat Who Moved A Mountain by Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who... #13)

The Cat Who Moved a Mountain - Lilian Jackson Braun

Source: Borrowed from Open Library

Originally published: 1991

Pages: 261

First Sentence: A man of middle age, with a large, drooping moustache and brooding eyes, hunched over the steering wheel and gripped the rim anxiously as he maneuvered his car up a mountain road that was narrow, unpaved, and tortuous.


Basically boils down to Qwill having a bad time living in the mountains. I'm starting to think this isn't much of mystery series, because not much time is spent on the actual mystery. Usually it lingers on food and decorating. (I admit Qwill shopping around the local gift shops was fun to read. I wish I had money to spend on locally made crafts. ;_;)


Qwill continues to be a snob, especially towards women. He's always critical of a woman's looks, and he seems to be checking other women out even though he's in a relationship with Polly. He seems to care about Polly, but he doesn't... do much with her, and he doesn't seem to take her seriously. He's still bent on her for naming her cat Bootsie. Minor thing that is only mentioned once in this book, but you'd think he would be over that now.


Learning about the locals was fun.


Potato puns got boring after a while.


I didn't care for Koko and Yum Yum in this book.


Next book I guess we're going back to Moose County. Ending was kind of a cliffhanger, and I was intrigued by it.


Series status: 13 out of 29 read I'm going to finish this series no matter what. I've read the later part of the series in middle school, and it makes me wonder how I liked it back then.