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Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Medeiros (Kincaid Highland #1)

Some Like It Wicked - Teresa Medeiros

Source: Bought used from library sale

Originally published: 2008

Pages: 372

First Sentence: A throaty feminine moan disturbed the cozy peace of the stable loft.


Average read. Bland from being too typical and ordinary. I didn't have much fun with it.


Ends in a cliffhanger! Will have to read the sequel someday whenever I can get it from the library.


Felt like things were resolved too easily.


Highlander aspect not used fully. It's there, but I wanted more. It needed more action when the clan came in. The clansmen mainly hung in the background.


The Couple:

Catriona Kincaid - a Highland beauty with some spunk

Simon Wescott - notorious rake and illegitimate son of a nobleman


I wasn't in love with these two. They were the same ol' same ol'. There wasn't anything to them that set them apart from other romances in a similar setting.


Still... I liked Catriona a tiny bit since she did seem to have a spine and wasn't passive.


Author status: My first read from Teresa Medeiros. Even though I wasn't wowed by it, I liked her writing style, and I see potential for something good. I'm willing to read more of her works to see if she's an author I would like to add to my permanent collection. For now, I'll put this book (since I own a physical copy) on my 'maybe' shelf.


Heat level: 6/10 There are some sex scenes. Nothing is shied away from, but it doesn't get tooooo descriptive. Pretty average I thought personally. Only had a tiny, tiniest bit of spark for me like static.