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The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal by Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who... #12)

The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal - Lilian Jackson Braun

Source: Borrowed from Open Library

Originally published: 1991

Pages: 275

First Sentence: September promised to be a quiet month in Moose County, that summer vacation paradise 400 miles north of everywhere.


Better than the last. It kept my attention more this time around.


Again getting tired of the cats since they seem to do the same thing in every book.


Qwill and Polly's relationship... I'm not fond of it. Qwill doesn't want to do what Polly wants to do, and they both get jealous easily when the other hangs out with the opposite sex.


A number of characters died. You barely get to know them, and it was kinda depressing, because I thought they were the most interesting people.