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Somewhere I'll Find You by Lisa Kleypas (Capital Theatre #1)

Somewhere I'll Find You (Capital Theatre, #1) - Lisa Kleypas

Source: Bought used copy

Originally published: 1996

Pages: 377

First Sentence: The music of the May Day celebration filled the air, drifting from the village to the honey-colored castle on the lake.


A historical romance involving the theatre... That's new to me since I haven't read something like that before. Cool.


Main couple: Julia Hargate and Lord Damon Savage


I honestly wasn't in love with these two.  I admired Julia for wanting to stay independent and for pursuing her career, but at times it was a bit over the top and just made her seem stubborn.


Lord Savage. What a sexy name. I don't think he's a sexy guy though. I was okay with him for the most part even though sometimes he seemed too cold and aggressive. It was near the end when I started to dislike him intensely. He abducts Julia and threatens her that he will have his way with her no matter what (denies he's gonna rape her, but c'mon what he suggests sounds like rape I think). At that point I wanted Julia to dump the guy. I also thought he acted like a child saying he wants wants wants Julia. Seemed like whining.


As silly as it was, the premise of the couple being married as kids was alright, but I wasn't happy how Julia and Savage's relationship was handled. They didn't spend a lot of time together getting to know each other. They seemed to have fallen for one another just because they were already married which was weird.