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Doing Thyme by Kate Hill (Alien Affairs #1)

Doing Thyme - Kate Hill

Originally published: 2008

Pages: 68

Source: Freebie from Amazon

First sentence: It was against the rules for counselors to fuck prisoners, therefore what Thyme and this irresistible man were about to do would no doubt destroy her career.


Lol at the double entendre in the title. Kinda clever... (Thyme is a person in the book.)


What I liked the most was learning about Ross. He's half alien and half human. The alien part of him makes him super aggressive and violent. He struggles with this and sees himself as dangerous even though he has managed to have it under control thanks to therapy. I actually felt sorry for him.


Thyme, his counselor... she came off as stalkerish by following Ross to his outpost on a secluded planet. I get how she has a crush on him, but the way she lusts after him was almost insane. The story even begins with her dreaming about having sex with him. I only liked how she believes in Ross, believes that he can be a good person and not let his alien genetics take over him.


I thought the idea of being the only two people on a planet was neat. It wasn't a super important point in the story, but I would read something that expanded on this.


Romance was sorta cute, but it lacked a spark and got boring towards the end.


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