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The Cat Who Lived High by Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who... #11)

The Cat Who Lived High - Lilian Jackson Braun

Originally published: 1990

Pages: 298

Source: Bought used copy.

First Sentence: The news that reached Pickax City early on that cold November morning sent a deathly chill through the small northern community. 


I liked seeing Qwill return to the city since Moose County and the countryside was getting boring for me. It was fun revisiting Junktown and its residents, but I didn't like how city lifestyle was portrayed as doom and gloom with people getting killed everyday and the constant criminal activity.


I was still annoyed by Qwill being critical and judgmental of the women he meets. I can't believe I didn't see that when I read this back in middle school. Also, I thought he and Polly have a close relationship and yet he drools over the hot model whenever she shows up.


The kitties, Koko and Yum Yum, are cute, but I'm sorta getting tired of their sideshow. They're not vital to the story. Koko continues to point out clues, but since Qwill makes these leaps of logic from small hints, it just doesn't seem credible anymore.


For some reason I found the idea of an artist only doing paintings of mushrooms and sharp knives fascinating. I liked the speculation the characters give of the artist's obsession.


Qwill's tea time with the heiress made me crave for tea and cookies.


I thought the ending was bad. It was abrupt. Qwill basically abandoned ship and ditched the Casablanca. You don't get to find what happened to his neighbors other than maybe they escaped the building before the bomb went off. It felt like they were tossed aside. I wanted to know more about the lady who was an alcoholic and almost committed suicide. I actually did admire Qwill for giving her advice on how to turn her life around and for suggesting to her to adopt a kitten.


Some interesting words from the book I had to look up: gentrified, extolling, adulation, zabaglione, preponderance, temerity


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