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Special Forces: Soldiers (Director's Cut) by Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate (Special Forces #1)

Special Forces - Soldiers - Directors Cut - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate

Originally published: 2006-2009

Pages: 650

Source: Free download from author's site

First Sentence: Vadim Krasnorada’s nostrils flared at the smell of smoke on the wind.


Boy do I need a breather. I need to read something light and fluffy after this, because this book hit me deep in the gut. It made me feel incredibly emotional.


Zero regrets on reading this though.  It was definitely an experience, and I agree when people call it an epic. Seeing Dan and Vadim through the years slowly progress from enemies to lovers and seeing how their feelings evolve... Wow. It does get repetitive since most of the time they were arranging meetings to have sex over and over again, but I thought it was realistic. Vadim and Dan had to follow that pattern since the war they were in wouldn't allow them to do anything else. Outside the repetition, there were some memorable parts for me like the mass grave, Vadim's time spent in London, and Vadim giving Dan prayer beads as a gift.


I got to note that Dan and Vadim did some disturbing stuff like rape and torture. Neither of these men were squeaky clean good guys. In the beginning of the novel they were simply brutal to each other. It makes you wonder how in the world these two fall in love, but here and there you see signs of attraction and then by the end you see it in full bloom. The authors did an incredible job of building the characters' relationship and making it nuanced.


This doesn't count against my rating obviously, but I just wish this was in Kindle format. It's only available in PDF. I tried converting it in Calibre, but the conversion caused the format to be messed up like having line breaks where there shouldn't be in the text. I had to go back and use the original format. *sigh* PDFs work on my Kindle Touch, but they work badly. They're hard to navigate. :/


I don't know if I'll read the next book. If I do, it won't be any time soon. As much as I loved this, it was overwhelming how emotional Soldiers made me feel especially at the end. I didn't cry or anything like that, but boy, did I feel for Dan and Vadim for what they've been though. There isn't a full director's cut version of the next book yet (it only goes up to chapter 30 while the original has 36 I believe). Maybe if Voinov ever finishes his director's cut, I'll pick up Vadim and Dan's story again, but for now I need to walk away from this series for my personal sake. ^^; (Especially since I peeked at some reviews for the rest of the books and things do not get easier for Vadim and Dan. Aahhh.)


Some interesting words from the book I had to look up: mujahideen, hamam, BDU, decadence, triumvirate, ushanka, samovar,