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Dragon's Kiss by Tielle St. Clare (Shadow of the Dragon #1)

Dragon's Kiss (Shadow of the Dragon, #1) - Tielle St. Clare

Originally published: 2004

Pages: 186

Source: Freebie from Amazon

First Sentence: The fire burned across her skin, searing its memory into her flesh.


*fans self* My goodness! This was steamy. I wasn't planning to finish this right away, but once I started reading I couldn't stop. It was that interesting. *waggles eyebrows*


Main couple: Lorran (a widow studying dragons) and Kei (a king who is turning into a dragon)


I love dragons, but I haven't read too many dragon shapeshifter romances, which is  something that I should remedy. What I loved about this one was how Kei's dragon side made him so animalistic and possessive. All he wanted was Lorran, and he was always saying "Mine. Mine." I know it's common in romances for a man to be shown as possessive so it's nothing to be praised, but I liked the way it was done here since Kei fought against this dragon personality and its aggressiveness. There were times when he struggled against it, because his dragon was getting out of control, and he tried backing off whenever Lorran seemed to be frightened. I thought that was cool since it actually showed that he was worried for Lorran and cared about her safety.


And the sex. This was smut-tastic and had lots and lots of sex. A lot of it was oral (for the woman, yay!). It was hot and not boring. Kei basically had a hard-on the majority of the time since dragons in this book's world have a high sex drive and a high stamina for it. *rawr* This brings me to my favorite quote:



"It isn't natural," he muttered, as he tore at the ties. "It's not fucking natural to be this fucking hard for this fucking long." He jerked open the trousers and sighed as his cock swung free.



Aw. Poor Kei. But good for Lorran. Lol!


There were also times when Kei in dragon form performed oral on Lorran, just basically using his tongue. Understandably, some might find that squicky, but it didn't bother me in this instance. *shrugs* When it comes to dragons and dragon shapeshifters, I don't usually have a problem with this kind of thing.


There was some plot about trying to stop Kei's transformation and also Kei trying to keep his position as king. Nothing deep, but it was fun.


And the ending... it was funny! Poor boys.



Some interesting words from the book I had to look up: corporeal, plaintive, cognizant, stipend, genteel, carouse,


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